Dog Walking NYC | Professional, Affordable & Friendly

Dog Walking NYCPooch Ventures is dedicated to providing the best all around dog walking experience for your little furry friend. We offer private dog walking experiences for your grown dog or private puppy visits for your little one. We service all 5 boroughs and provide some of the best dog walking NYC adventures for your dog. Your pet will have a blast with our certified trained walkers. Dog walking around New York has never been this affordable or fun!

Our dog walkers come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common – they love dogs! We treat your dog as if it was one of our own, which not only means taking care of it’s daily creature comforts and keeping them safe from harm, but more importantly treating your pet with the respect and kindness it deserves. Our willingness to go the extra mile for your furry friend sets Pooch Ventures apart from the competition.

Whether you have a regular schedule or need an extra hand during an emergency , we have the service plan and price for you. A Pooch Ventures representative can also help you customize a walking plan for your pooch that fits your hectic life style and ensures a healthy and well balanced life for your best friend.

Check out our dog walking plans or contact us at anytime to discuss your needs.