Highest Rated Dog Walker in NYC

Pooch Ventures has some of the highest rated dog walkers in NYC for a reason. We consistently strive to  love, protect and care for your dog as if he or she was our own. Our experienced walkers make personal connections with each dog they walk. It’s our mission to know your furry friend’s personality and what makes them special. This helps us better attend to the needs of each dog and gain your trust and theirs.

Since 2013, Pooch Ventures has been serving happy clients across the New York City region. We started off small, but our love for dogs and the care we provide them has since spread throughout the city. Our team of professional dog walkers are dog lovers who can’t wait to meet your furry friend!

With a network of experienced dog walkers all across the city, we are usually just minutes away. So, no walk is too far! Also, we offer walks that are fit to your dog’s energy level and your preferred walking style so every walk feels like home. Whether it’s playing fetch, mingling with other dogs or simply taking a walk around the block, we’ll go wherever your dog is happiest in NYC.

We take the responsibility of walking your dog very seriously, and will do whatever it takes to make sure they arrive home safe and happy. Our dog walkers appreciate you considering us to take care of your special little one. We’ll even come meet you and your pooch before hand to make sure everyone gets along! Give us a call today to find out why people are raving about Pooch Ventures dog walking. We can’t wait to hear from you, and our dog walkers are looking forward to having many adventures with your dog soon!

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Why you Should Choose Pooch Ventures Dog Walkers:

Track-My-Pooch Technology (GPS Tracking)

This technology will allow you to always be in touch with your dog. You will know the route taken by the stroller, the exact time the pooch stroller started its walk and other important details. Pooch Ventures will be in constant touch with you, offering valuable insights regarding the walk itself and your dog. Think of it as a social network where your dog is always connected with you, sends updates regarding what he has done like “hey mommy, I just went to the bathroom”, and will even send you pictures with himself having fun.

Loyal to your schedule

At Pooch Ventures we always stick to your requested schedule. No matter how hectic of a week you have, we’ll be there when you need us. Our dog walkers are prompt- generally showing up a minute or two early. After all, we can’t wait to walk your dog through the big apple. I told you, we love our jobs.

Professional Dog Walkers

Our love for dogs, coupled with our training and experience makes us the reliable, trusted option among NYC dog walkers. Our walkers have years of experience in walking dogs through New York City. We show up on time, and walk with safety in mind. When your dog goes on a Pooch Venture, you rest assured- they’re in professional hands.

Protective and Safe

This isn’t our first dog walk. We’ve been around the block and know the streets of New York City extremely well. We know what precautions to take, and what to anticipate. Our dog walkers are trained in dog walking safety and uphold professional dog walking standards based on expert dog walking recommendations. No matter how much fun we’re having on a dog walk, we always have your dog’s protection and safety at heart.

Insured & Bonded
With such experienced dog walkers, it’s not surprising that nothing bad has ever happened on a Pooch Ventures dog walk. But to give you extra peace of mind, we have insurance to cover all damages if anything goes wrong during a walk. We assume responsibility, so you can relax a little more. With Pooch Ventures, all your bases are covered.
Animal Shelter Reach-Out
It’s How We Give Back! We love dogs. They brighten so many lives and help us in so many ways. Pooch Ventures shows its love and gratitude by donating to local adoption shelters when an adopted dog is signed up for our dog walking service. We donate dog food,and our time to local shelters. Volunteering to to help care for shelter dogs while they await their new home is our way of saying thanks to all our four legged friends, and the selfless NYC dog shelters.