New York Dog Walkers Available in All 5 Boroughs!


Your dog is our baby too. So yes, we’re very protective. We practice up-to-date dog walking safety techniques and we take all the necessary precautions to keep your dog safe. We’re prepared for any situation while walking your dog in NYC. We approach any walk with your dog as if it was one with our own. Which is why keeping your dog happy and out of harm’s way is our number one priority.


Know what your dog is doing even though you are not physically there! By using Track-My-Pooch Technology, Pooch Ventures will instantly update you with useful info regarding your furry friend. You will receive an email at the beginning of the walk regarding the taken route and the pooch stroller can provide more details (like using the potty) or even photos once the walk is complete. Your little rascal will virtually be one click away.


The joy we get from our jobs makes us rich beyond measure. We love walking dogs in New York City, so we keep our rates competitive, and pocket-friendly.

We have affordable dog walking services within any budget. Whether you need your dog walked once a week, or twice a day, we have fair prices. Unlike more expensive dog walking services, we put affordability above extra profit.


Our trained dog walkers have more than 15 years experience walking dogs in New York City. We know every borough like the backs of our hands. Our professional dog walkers are upbeat and disciplined. Our energy is infectious and gets a great response from our four-legged friends. With Pooch Ventures, your dog doesn’t just get walked- they go on an adventure with a professional dog walker they love and respect.

Our experienced dog walkers have the poise, smarts and confidence to give dogs and owners peace of mind.

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  • Trudy S. (Yelp Review)
    Trudy S. (Yelp Review)Real Client

    “We have worked with Pooch Ventures for quite a while now and find them a fabulous dog walking service. It was very easy to work with Eli to establish the relationship and from day one the customer relations has been terrific – like family. The folks are accommodating, dependable and our dog walker, Katie is great. We love her and so do our dogs. Matter of fact, our cats are crazy about her too. They all run to her when she arrives. All the folks that we’ve worked with at Pooch Ventures are special and we’re thankful that we found them.”

  • Lynn W. (Yelp Review)
    Lynn W. (Yelp Review)Real Client

    “My dog is my spirit animal. Pooch Ventures is honestly the best dog walking community here in NYC. They are thoughtful, kind and make my life here so much easier. They send you photos of your dog on the walk and you can track it on the gps. They also give you a recap of the walk. I love love love them. Don’t hesitate to use them. They are the best. Hands down.”

  • Robert F. (Yelp Review)
    Robert F. (Yelp Review)Real Client

    “Pooch Ventures led by Eli provides outstanding and personalized service. Our terrific and attentive walker Katie takes great care of our yorkipoo, Biscuit. The emails she sends each day with a description of the walk includes the places they went and the people and dogs they encountered. The photos in the email are the highlight of my day. Pooch Ventures has truly earned my business and trust.”



Pooch Ventures is more than an expert dog walking service. We’re genuine dog lovers with a sense of adventure. Walking people’s dogs in New York City is truly what we live for. We’re trained in dog walking safety and know how to make every walk an awesome experience. Professional, spunky, and in control, our goal is to give dogs and their loving owners peace of mind.

Knowing your dog is happy means the world. As dog owners -we get it. We walk your dog safely through NYC, and treat them with care and protection every step of the way. Our amazing dog walkers at Pooch Adventures were born to do it. We’re dog people through and through. In fact, if we didn’t walk our own dogs, we’d hire ourselves:)



We do what we love. Walking dogs in The Big Apple. Here, people are busy. Maybe you can’t always be there to walk your dog. Or maybe you need help learning how to walk your dog. Let one of Pooch Ventures professional dog walkers show you the ropes. We’ll take them on an adventure and bring them home, grateful and submissive. Our professional dog walking service covers all areas of New York City. Let us come to you, and make your life easier.



Our dog walkers are amazing. They should probably all be top-rated. Each professional dog walker at Pooch Adventures is a genuine dog lover, with an impeccable set of dog walking values and standards -ready to walk your dog safely through New York City. Having said that, here’s our top-mentioned trainers
  • Micah
    MicahPooch Stroller

    Hey everyone, my name is Micah. I have loved dogs and animals since I was a young boy! I grew up with two Labrador retrievers in Ohio so I loved running around with them outside and having fun. I try to have fun with every walk so each dog has a great day and they look forward to their next walk! I definitely prefer being outside with doggies all day instead of being stuck in an office..even on rainy days!! I love my job so I will always do my best to give your dog the best walk and care possible!!!!

  • Gia
    GiaPooch Stroller

    My name is Gia, I’m a student and an artist at Fashion Institute of Technology. I was raised in Poland but NYC sounded like a more adventurous to be. I’ve always grown up with animals and was usually a designated dog sitter for my friends here. With your pooch, I’ll treat them like my own puppy. My love for animals is endless. They are a definition of happiness. During our walks, I like to keep my dogs fit so we do a little sprint (only if they are also up for running). When we don’t jog, I like to teach them tricks like giving a paw or other commands.

  • Jamie
    JamiePooch Stoller

    Hi! I’m Jamie and dog’s are my spirit animal. I’m gentle, patient, and love to stay busy. I’m always on the run. Which probably explains why walking is my preferred mod of transportation and long walks with dogs are my favorite. I love dogs, and I’m excellent with small breeds, but I can make any pooch fall in love with me. I can’t wait to take your furry friend on a fun and adventurous walk throughout the neighborhood!